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Billabong International Limited is an Australian surf company, primarily a clothing retailer that also produces accessories, like watches and backpacks, and skateboard and snowboard products under other brand-names. Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant, the company first traded on the Australian Securities Exchange in 11 August 2000.

Damon mentioned, "I ordered some Billabong board shorts, one on a Tuesday and another on a Friday. Both shipped on Saturday night. Took 14 days in total, on a 2-6 day shipping option, to find out they were too small. I ordered again and this time its been pushing 8 days (on a 2-6 day shipping option) with my items still not even shipped. Ive ordered things within this time and have received them already. I don't know what their business model is, but its not working."

Billabong has terrible customer service and won't take responsibility for delivery mistakes, according to Eli at "Don't order from this garbage brand! I ordered for the second time a custom a LARGE size, but I received a small one, I called them and they asked to send pictures for the old one and the new one and both has a LARGe size tag but the new one is too small, for 2 months back and forth every time a deferent lair pick up the phone and said will get back to you and they never, please don't tell me because of the pandemic, finally they got back to me and they said we are not going to do anything and you have to buy a new one."


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Erica Batterham says

"Ordered 2 pieces of XXL clothing, received the order and the clothing was in fact labeled XXL but was no where near a XXL size. Requested a Return Label and was told the cost is on me to return. Very frustrating that an online vendor/retailer would charge their client the return cost of a product(s) that do not meet an actual standard size. The two pieces would be a large size, maybe just under an XL size. I would not recommend you purchase online with Billabong. If you have the same experience like I have, most likely you will be returning the product and out of pocket $$."

Julian D says

"I ordered idems around 100€ with an promotion code. I payed the products. After that billabong cancelled the products saying they do not have them anymore in the storage. I go back on their page, all the products still available but the promotion code is not valid anymore the day the cancelled the order."

Aliya Aliya says

"Okay, now I am going to write another review and state NOT to buy Billabong products at all. I ordered a bikini and wore it to the beach for the first time and looked down to notice it was ripping at the seam and the elastic was exposed! Cheap product, terrible customer service. I'm dreading dealing with them because I've gone back and forth with so many people trying to get a previous return. I don't trust their customer service process."

Aliya Aliya says

"Dont buy from the online store. If you really need the item, buy from amazon or a different store that carries the product. I returned my items a month ago and still have not received my refunds. The customer service is NOT helpful at all, telling me my refund processed even before they received the items. Nothing processed and they are asking ME to contact my bank even though its their error. What a bunch of BS"

Maria says

"Very strange stuff going on with this website. The credit card charge was from some rinky-dink warehouse in Long Beach. Anyhow, my shipment took 2 weeks and the sizes are SO off. Sometimes the Medium is too big, other times it’s tiny and doesn’t even fit. So frustrating. I wrote a positive review of a dress with one tiny critique and they did not publish it! A dishonest website/company."

Nancy Walsh says

"It takes several takes to get a tracker and several more days for Billabong to actually ship. They always blame ups or shipping. Lol. It’s a shame they refuse to own they have poor skills of getting product shipped. It you send an email, also, will take weeks if a response is received (although I already expect no response as that is your customer service norm)."

Alice says

"The website is taking orders as normal. There is absolutely no indication that they are having issues with fulfilling orders. I’ve now been waiting 2 weeks for an order with absolutely no updates from them. You can’t get through on the phone as their office is permanently closed and they don’t respond to any of your emails! I’m now going to contact my bank to try and get my money back! DONT SHOP THERE!!!!

After waiting 17 days with no item to show for anything, someone FINALLY contacted me (after I sent 7 emails) to say the order had an issue with delivery and so it was returned to the warehouse, and that I would receive a refund. It’s now 7 days later since that and I STILL haven’t received a refund. Looks like I’ll be contacting the bank now. Just avoid ordering anything, the service it utterly appalling and from such a big, well respected name."



There customer service number is disconnected. Their corporate office and warehouse are shut down. They are running their online business from a make shift building in California. When you call the billabong stores ( the ones not shut down) they say they receive calls daily about No tracking. No refund status. Nothing. STAY AWAY."

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